I’m Mella


Another week gone. So much to do. So little time to find new power. This is where I come in.

At first myself searching for the secret of a fulfilled life and to regain sustainable strength in my every day life, my life has gone through many stages. Optician, consultant, executive, coach…
What ties all of my activities to this day is my curiosity and my unlimited joy in working with the most diverse people.
After my training as a coach at the DGPP in Berlin in the field of positive psychology and a further training as an accredited Happiness Life Coach, my life’s purpose and my heart’s desire lies in empowering women and supporting them in discovering their potential, flourishing and creating their very own story of a fulfilled life.
Some years ago, my love for the city of Basel attracted me to Switzerland. This is my home. When I am not lost in psychological literature, I prefer to spend my time with my beloved ones, yoga and long walks through the small, enchanting alleys of Basel’s city centre or along the Rhine. As a small night owl, I like to start my day in a very relaxed way without an alarm clock and with a great cup of strong coffee .

I am very much looking forward to meeting you in person very soon!

I Work With You To Bring Your Power and Joy Back to Life, StEP BY STep.

Why still waiting?

Let’s regain your Power