Empowerment COACHING


  • are in a crisis right now and you don’t know how to move on?
  • are a smart, successful woman – nevertheless you have the feeling that something is still missing?
  • supposedly have everything to be happy, but somehow it doesn’t feel like it?
  • are used to handle many tasks at the same time, but you feel overwhelmed and exhausted?
  • have the impression that your potential is not yet fully exhausted, but don’t know how to access it?


Love finds you when you love yourself. Support finds you when you support yourself. Gratitude finds you when you appreciate yourself. The answer is you.

— unknown

Hey Darling, 

You Matter!  


FrauHappinez was founded for YOU. For all those wonderful women who expect more from their lifes – who don’t want to be satisfied with „okay“ – who are hungry to live. For all the women who are worth living a full and happy life.

You can be anything you want: soft and successful at the same time, traditional and rebellious, a lover and a fighter, vulnerable and simultaneously incredibly strong.

But first take a short break. Look how far you have come to this day.  No matter where you are, you have already achieved so much!

And now join me on a journey: … to yourself… to your full power… to a life that feels just like you… to more easiness and fulfillment.

A journey from problem to solution.  

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Just to get it out of the way: I’m not a fairy who can undo the past. I’m not going to tell you where to go or which path to take. But by having a filled suitcase with scientific methods and a backpack full of personal experience I can show you how to reach your goal. And what has prevented you from doing so far on your own.

As a coach I can be your empowering companion on your journey of life. Maybe you already know exactly where you want to go – great, let us develop feasible steps together to make your dream come true. Maybe you don’t have a clear goal yet, just the feeling that it needs a change. I support you in this as well. Or you are standing in front of a big mountain that looks unbeatable – I am at your side to give you access to a way around or to climb it together. 

I am looking forward to the path that is waiting for us as a team! 

Yes, I would like to go on a journey with you!